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SprayPainted "TWIN CAM" TieDye Hoodie - Limited Edition


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These hoodies are individually spray painted by me, Nat Wood, using a stencil i created of a twin cam motor & roses. My stencils are handmade & don't last forever, which means they can only be used a certain amount of times, making these very limited edition. Each one is a piece of art :) I spraypaint my own clothing all the time and get so many compliments so i figured i'd make that available for you guys. thank you all for supporting my dream life!!! i'd love to make this stuff forever.

i made these $96 because its opposite of 69 and i'm immature


- nat


- these DO NOT "come off" in the washing machine. 

- i have already washed each one after spraypainting them. they might fade a little but that is usually only with the first wash.

- i only have 12 smalls & one cropped 2XL available. 7 different color variations. 

- color variations are with the sizing options.

- each tie-dye pattern will vary given the dying process.

- these run smaller than my usual hoodies and they are pre-shrunk.

- if you would like yours cropped, please immediately email with your order #.

- September 2019, i will have this design available, screenprinted as usual (not specially handmade like these) at my usual price. unisex tee & hoodie.

- with each order, you will also receive a sticker pack

- absolutely no refunds or exchanges


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